Album: Lianne La Havas || Artist: Lianne La Havas|| Genre: Singer/ Songwriter & Neo Soul|| Label: Warner Records UK|| Release Date: 2020 ||Tracks : 12 || Available: here

Hadn’t been listening to a lot of music off late. That is … until Lianne La havas latest album dropped. To be more accurate, I was hooked from the moment I heard “Bittersweet” in February of 2020. After that initial taste I was craving more of wherever this slightly improved La Havas sound came from.

After spinning her untitled/self-titled album for the past week or so, I have to say Mrs. La Havas did not disappoint. Those of you who have been keeping an eye on this songstress, will notice a subtle change in her music. Although it doesn’t differ a great deal from what she has been serving us over the years, this gem, that we had to wait five years for, definitely feels different. In my opinion the musical arrangements seem to be more subdued in comparison to what she has presented on her previous albums. This less is more approach allows for her sublime vocals to truly stand out.

The Apple Music interview, in which she revealed the ingredients to this seemingly softer vibe was the confirmation that I wasn’t just imagining things. Lianne’s latest musical endeavor is heavily influenced by life events (family & relationships). She also divulged that most of the tracks on this album are recorded with her own band and musicians she felt close to. She was also in charge of every proverbial bell and whistle on this album, which seems appropriate considering there is a large chunk of Lianne’s soul infused in this masterpiece. The overall result is that the tracks sound more singer/songwriter and less pop chart. Her vulnerability flows through virtually every track, which gives the songs an intimate feel. It’s almost like meeting Lianne La Havas for the first time.

This album is definitely the one deserving of being self-titled, because there is a level of authenticity ingrained within all of its tracks that just wasn’t there before.

Verdict: 8/10

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