Hay Ik Ben Norine,

I live in the Netherlands and when I don’t have to be a mom, take care of the house or be at work … I am figuring out what it is that I really want and right now it’s mainly reading books, watching movies and listening to music.

All the aforementioned does not necessarily happen in that order but is basically what is going to be documented in this space. You might notice that I started out with blogposts in Dutch but I am now in the proces of switching to English. The decision to switch it up is because most of the things I read, watch and listen to are often considered acquired taste or very simply put … odd!! English enables me to reach and interact with more likeminded individuals and I hope herewith the odds of connecting are now in my favor.

Of course there is a catch to all of the writing I do and it most certainly serves a purpose. About a year ago I decided to learn how to write a book. Fast forward to now I figured out that writing is not the actual problem but the absence of a story is …. So I figured that while I explore new ways of storytelling by reading, watching and listening I might as well share my findings. And when my story decides to show up, I will at the very least have practiced the art of putting wonderful experiences into words.


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