Title: City of Ghosts || Author: Victoria Schwab || Audiobook Narrator : Reba Buhr || Genre: Fantasy, Paranormal, Middle Grade || Publisher:  Scholastic Press || Year of publication: 2018 || No. of pages: 285 || Available at  Amazon, Bookdepository and

City of Ghosts is the story of Cassidy Blake who nearly drowns and a ghost named Jacob who saves her life. Their spirits get tangled up in the proces and now Cassidy is not entirely alive and Jacob is not completely dead …  and as a consequence Cassidy can now cross into the spirit roam.  Continue reading “CITY OF GHOSTS – VICTORIA SCHWAB”


Whoaw … half of this year has already come to pass!!

This is what first came to mind when tons of blogposts and youtube videos with this tag started popping up in my feed. In general I tend to skip all tags cause I am more of a book review, monthly wrap up and new releases kinda girl. Except for the book tag to rule them all …. the Mid-Year Freak Out Book Tag. Simply because it’s all of those things I enjoy wrapped into one video and/or blogpost. So … big shout out to Chami from IsThatChami and Ely (Elyjane) from Earl Grey Books for co-creating this awesome tag.

So after years of reading tons of Mid-Year Freak Out Book Tag blogposts, streaming an even larger amount of videos and as a consequence feverishly updating my want-to-read list on Goodreads … here is my very first Mid-Year Freak Out Book Tag!!

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