Whoaw … half of this year has already come to pass!!

This is what first came to mind when tons of blogposts and youtube videos with this tag started popping up in my feed. In general I tend to skip all tags cause I am more of a book review, monthly wrap up and new releases kinda girl. Except for the book tag to rule them all …. the Mid-Year Freak Out Book Tag. Simply because it’s all of those things I enjoy wrapped into one video and/or blogpost. So … big shout out to Chami from IsThatChami and Ely (Elyjane) from Earl Grey Books for co-creating this awesome tag.

So after years of reading tons of Mid-Year Freak Out Book Tag blogposts, streaming an even larger amount of videos and as a consequence feverishly updating my want-to-read list on Goodreads … here is my very first Mid-Year Freak Out Book Tag!!

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Title: Long Way Down || Author: Jason Reynolds|| Audiobook Narrator : Jason Reynolds ||Genre: Young Adult, Poetry, Contemporary, Fiction|| Publisher:  Atheneum/ Caitlyn Dlouhy Books || Year of publication: 2017 || No. of pages: 320 || Available at  Amazon, Bookdepository and Bol.com

Will’s older brother, Shawn has been shot and now he’s dead. Will feels a sadness so great, he can’t explain it. But in his neighbourhood there are The Rules

No. 1: Crying … Don’t. No matter what.
No. 2: Snitching … Don’t. No matter what.
No. 3: Revenge … Do. No matter what.

When 15 year old Will discovers a gun that belonged to his deceased brother. He decides to carry out rule number 3, cause he knows who he’s after. But when Will gets into the elevator on the 7th floor, a 60 second elevator ride seems to take an eternity. The elevator stops on every floor and on each floor somebody that is familiar to Will gets in. The weird thing about all of this is … that everybody that gets in is supposed to be death.

Welcome to Jason Reynolds heart wrenching tale which is a mix of Boyz in tha Hood meets A Christmas Carol.