Hello fellow bibliophiles,

What are y’all up to?! 😊

Me … I guess I am slowly getting out of some sort of reading slump. This wasn’t a regular slump though and probably quarantine and/or black lives matter related. That being said … now feels like the best time to start doing whatever needs to be done to become whole again. For the month of July this means that I will carve out a substantial amount of time for reading.

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In 2016 I started my reading journey and ever since the only resolution I make at the beginning of the year is the amount of books I will finish by the end of it. The annual 12 books a year I started out with, were not challenging enough and therefore I am working towards a total of 40 before the end of 2018.

I have since adopted a lot more noteworthy reading habits, all but sticking to my monthly TBR list. For some reason a monthly TBR list, more often than not, results in a reading slump. So this year I am experimenting with a yearly TBR. The fact that all titles on my current list are books that have been or will be adapted to movies or TV-series helps me finish one book after another, often before the release date of the adaptation.

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